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You’ve come to know and trust Carhartt® work clothes as being long wearing, hard as nails and worker friendly. But where do you suppose those qualities came from?


From Hamilton Carhartt, himself.

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Hamilton Carhartt


Hamilton Carhartt was an unusual man for his time. Some would call him forward thinking, a visionary. In 1889, when horse & cart ruled the road and trains still ran on steam, Hamilton Carhartt was already thinking about the working man. His concept? Work clothes that were designed specifically to make working better. To that end Hamilton started talking with railroad workers about what they needed in work clothes. From that personal research, Carhartt bib overalls were born.

Hamilton didn’t stop there, as business expanded, he added more plants in areas that needed jobs and by 1910 Carhartt had grown with mills across the U.S. and Canada as well as facilities in New York and Paris. Carhartt, paid a decent wage, considered worker safety and allowed his employees to unionize. All at a time when these things were the exception and not the norm.

Carhartt Worker

Exceptional Products

That exceptionality has been incorporated into every new item that Carhartt has produced.


Over the years, Carhartt has move forward, developing a wider range of products to incorporate all aspects of a rugged working life. Innovations like weatherproof clothes, that helped to build the Alaska pipeline and specialized hunting gear than can keep you dry and comfortable no matter what the conditions. Even flame resistant clothing that will help keep you safe.


Something For Everyone

Of course Carhartt has come a long way from that first pair of railroaders overalls.  From pants, shirts, shorts and socks to hats, jackets, vests and shoes, Carhartt has you covered from head to toe. Men, women and children can all benefit from the Carhartt dedication to quality and value.


The Carhartt company is still run by descendants of Hamilton Carhartt and even though more than a century has passed. They still make their products in the U.S.A. as well as in Canada. Carhartt employs more than two thousand people right here at home and have even expanded sales worldwide.


Even with all that, the legacy of Hamilton Carhartt’s initial vision is still intact. Quality, durability and value. Carhartt work clothes are like the people who wear them, hardworking, rugged and honest. When you purchased a Carhartt item you know it will last and that they stand behind it for life.