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For almost a century hobbyists and pros alike have turned to the Dremel®Moto-Tool for its power and versatility.  Since the Dremel first came on the scene in 1934, it was revolutionary. A tool that employed speed over torque. Strong enough to cut with, yet with the controllability you need to perform fine detail work.


The Dremel Variable Speed Rotary Tool is an entire shop, in the palm of your hand. It can cut, drill, route, carve, grind, sand, sharpen, polish, clean and engrave with the best of them. With dozens of different bits, burrs and tips the Dremel Moto-Tool can become practically anything.


Over the years Dremel continues to expand its product line with new and innovative tools that are designed for ease of use and adaptability. The Dremel Moto-Sawis a great example, its both a scroll saw and a coping saw that can be used bench mounted or handheld. Now that’s adaptable. Dremel Ultra-Saw and Saw-Maxtool kits are perfect for those times when you need a clean, precise cut, but you can’t use a larger power saw.


Dremel Velocity and Multi-Max Oscillating tools are the perfect options for home remodeling jobs. With variable speeds and power levels, these tools can tackle the tough jobs and come back for more. For cutting, sanding and trimming, Dremel can’t be beat.



dremel rotary tool

dremel 3d

Dremel continues to move with the times, offering multiple 3D Modeling options as well as a rugged yet versatile tabletop Laser Cutter and Etcher. The Dremel DigiLabCollection is tailor made for the Makers of today. Easy to use and reliable DigiLab products from Dremel will allow you to take anything you can imagine and make it a reality.


Dremel also produces specialty blade, bit and burr sets for all their products as well as drivers, cleaning tools, crafting tools, engravers, butane torches and heated burning/cutting tools as well as other accessories to meet all of your needs.