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New products spring up all the time. Some last for years, the lucky ones may last for decades, but it takes a special kind of product to last for more than a century. A product with longevity like that is a product that can be trusted. A product with longevity like that can’t hide behind false claims or exaggerations. In cases like this, time equals trust.

Minwax® is a name that consumers have trusted for more than a century. More people beautify and protect their wood products with Minwax than any other.

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Now that you’ve chosen your stain and have applied it following the instructions and letting it dry thoroughly, it’s time for the finish. Minwax has many polyurethane and polycrylic finishes as well as varnishes to protect and beautify your wood. Many designed for interior use and others that can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

Of course, Minwax is always looking for ways to make your projects easier and to that end they have developed Minwax One Step Stains & Finishes, like Minwax Polyshades which combines Minwax Stains with a durable polyurethane finish in one can. Or maybe you’d prefer Minwax Express Color, a wipe on stain and finish combined. Minwax even has Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths. Simply pop one out of the pack and rub on color and shine at the same time.



Many beautiful homes will boast hardwood flooring. Years of wear and tear can take their toll on floors like this. These floors can become scuffed, scratched and dull. Minwax makes it easy to revive a lightly scuffed floor as well as completely strip and restore your hardwood floors like a pro.

So remember, time is the test of any product and Minwax stands the test of time.