Flags of Valor

The Perfect Gift For A Vet Or Yourself

Veterans month is a time to give respect and appreciation to the dedicated men and women who have donned the uniforms of the United States in war and in peace.

Enter to Win

Come to MAC’S this month and register to win this custom wooden ‘Phantom Fury’ American flag from Flags Of Valor ($150.00 value). Finely crafted and personally signed by veterans, using hardworking DeWalt® tools. Made in the USA using globally sourced materials, DeWalt tools are the choice of Flags of Valor.

At A Glance

Flags Of Valor started with the passion of Brian Steorts, a 15 year U.S.A.F. pilot with 8 combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. After an injury, he spent long hours in rehab and noticed that the US flag, which had always been with him during his service, was now strangely absent. That’s when the idea for Flags Of Valor was born.

Learn more about their incredible story here: https://www.flagsofvalor.com/

100% American Made