MAC'S Hardware


MAC'S has one of the largest selections of bulk fasteners in the area - nuts, bolts, washers & screws are sold by the pound. Let MAC'S shop for you: Either phone in, email, or drop off your fastener list, and we'll have it pulled and ready for pick-up at your convenience. We carry a full line of Specialty hard-to-find fasteners from the nationally-known brands that you trust most. For farm, industry, or home, MAC'S has got you covered.


Your source for the largest supply of bulk fasteners in the area

  • Grade 8, Grade 5, Grade 2, Coarse Thread, Fine Thread, Thread-Cutting
  • Lag Bolts, Galvanized Fasteners, Carriage Bolts, Construction Lags

  • Plow Bolts, Elevator Bolts, Grain Bin Bolts, Scraper Bolts

  • Metric 8.8, Metric 10.9

  • Nuts and washers: Lock, Flange

  • Assorted Screws: Torx Deck, Sheetrock, Self-Drill, Pole Barn, etc

Specialty Fasteners are sold as individual pieces

  • Stainless Steel, Chrome, Socket Head Cap Screws

  • Sheet Metal Screws, Machine Screws, Specialty Metric

  • Specialty Nuts, Specialty Hardware

  • Flange Head, Full Thread, Fine Thread

Largest bulk supply with over half a million pounds of nuts, bolts, washers, nails, and screws available across our locations

  • Let us shop for you: drop off or send in your fastener list and we'll have it pulled and ready for pick-up at your convenience

  • Have a specialized need you don't see in our selection? Let us help you get the fasteners you need through special order.

  • Selection may vary by location.